In the CHOPPED 4 message, we looked at how Jesus rebuked the church at Thyatira for tolerating a woman prophetess, referred to as Jezebel. She was a false teacher that was allowed to encourage pagan practices and sexual immorality, as part of their Christian faith.

A relevant comparison is how many believers today also tolerate the teaching of Jezebel by giving her access to every room and every device in their home. Through unrestricted video/TV/games/music and Internet, we have welcomed her evil ways into our hearts and minds of every member of the family.

She has become a constant companion, baby sitter, teacher and life coach. She entertains us, guides our choices, creates attitudes, and provides lifestyle choices.  She has covertly become the greatest influence in most families.  And like Thyatira… in many Christian families as well.

But decide for yourself. In the message I presented the following challenge:

For 1 week…

  • Take away the devices, stop the personal internet, and social media use
  • Unplug the video  and phone games …
  • Forbid TV, DVD and streaming… accept for news. weather and Christian videos/TV  (*) 
  • Listen to no secular music, sports or news talk.. tune in to Christian radio.
WILL YOU TAKE THE CHALLENGE?  Are you bold enough to even try? Or will you be like those in Thyatira, and continue to tolerated it?  I wonder how many families are dealing with issues that can be linked to the acceptance of Jezebel’s doctrines of rebellion and morality.
If you do this,  you will discover first-hand the power and allegiance to Jezebel’s influence that exists in your life…and in your family. 
  • This is a battleground for your soul…and your family.
  • It will not be easy or pretty… so expect a fight… be prepared to stand strong
  • It may be the most difficult fast you have ever tried.  

This sort of message is not very popular… But saving your family, your marriage and your church should be. JOIN ME… Commit to the challenge 1 week… and then listen to what the Spirit tells you about how to live the other 51 weeks

You choose the weekIf you give in… just start over. Keep at it until you and your family can make through one whole week. You will be amazed at the difference. You can do it!


Together In Christ

David Hunt


* Alternate Resources:  Tune in to Power 88 or K-Love .  Watch from our Right Now Media library. Youtube has great worship and Christian videos, Netflix and Prime also have a good selection of Christian Faith based movies. It is worth the effort!